About us

Do it with your heart

I am a local wedding favors creator in my town, and I am passionate making unique favors of soaps magnets, etc. I do every detail with love and care. That’s why I am making next generation of gift givings keep their weddings goes awesome!

Pearlsavon is for people who wants to live sustainably, environmentalist and conscious. When I make our soaps, gifts and products I use sustainable materials. I supply my products who they are conscious about nature, so I minimize the pollution I make as Pearlsavon. We as Pearlsavon put our soul and heart into this duty and this is our motto of life.

It all started in 2021 in Mardin when Michael Fatih Cigdem, our founder which is me, decided to do something for a better with unique products I create such as soap gifts and all kind of wedding favors. After that day, I dedicated myself for people whom wants to give unique soap gifts and variety of wedding and baby shower gifts for their loved ones.

My motto is, my favors pure as a Pearl and clean as a Savon which mean white soap in French, shortly PEARLSAVON.

                       Pearlsavon party shower favors