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Bulk love soaps

Bulk love soaps

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In this category I offer you red & white love soaps for your guests on your wedding, baby shower or bridesmaid event. There are lots of choices for this kind of events, but this is the unique gift for your special guests on your special days. Feel them they are the LOVED ONES in your life! Gift what they deserve.

You can pick red, white or red & white option. You can also add any tags you like. You just need to add a note, and thats all. My soaps are also %100 organic and handmade, so there is no chemicals or harmful materials. I ship via UPS EXPRESS shipping and it takes 3-5 days. If you add tags, it approximately takes 7-9 days.

Dimensions for heart soap

Thickness: 0,25’’ \ 2mm
Weight: 2 oz \ 50gr
Length: 2.5’’ \ 6mm
Height: 3.5’’ \ 7mm

Dimensions for love soap

Thickness: 0,25’’ \ 2mm
Weight: 2 oz \ 50gr
Length: 1.0’’ \ 3mm
Height: 4’’ \ 8mm

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me 7/24.

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